Valentine’s Day Cupcakes

These cupcakes are made with love and liquor and are the perfect dessert for valentine’s day.

Goldschlager Cupcakes, these sweet cinnamon infused cupcakes have a warm spice in every bite and you feel the burn of the cinnamon liquor when you swallow.

Nutella Martini Cupcakes, if you love Nutella, then this one is for you. This chocolate cake intensifies the Nutella that is in the icing. The chocolate liquor and vodka gives it, its martini taste.

Eggnog Bourbon Cupcakes, I make these ones every christmas, but with white chocolate added they are perfect for valentine’s day.

Baileys Cupcakes, these ones are good for any occasion. The chocolate cake is a perfect match for the bailey’s icing.

If you want to try to make these for your special someone, use a chocolate or vanilla cake and booze up the icing. Give it that special touch with pretty dressings, like food sparkles, coloured sugar, chocolates, cinnamon hearts, anything you can find.

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